Cross-Platform Ads – The Key To Generating & Maximizing Revenue From Ad Networks

It is vital your ads reach users on every device possible, be it tablets, phones or computers.  Cross-platform advertising should be a key component of your company’s marketing strategy.  Mobile device usage and app development are continuously growing, while desktop workstations continue to dominate the workplace.  Thus, the most effective advertisements are the ones that reach users on all types of devices.

Soon after smartphones were introduced, the best mobile development companies started offering cross-platform marketing.  However, this idea was dormant for years until the sales of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices reached a tipping point and created a huge shift in how people engage with technology and the Web.

Smartphone sales now surpass PC sales.  Total iPad and tablet sales have consistently risen since their introduction into the marketplace.  The number of apps being downloaded is also increasing.  Due to the proliferation of mobile devices, PC sales have been steadily leveling off.

Cross-platform marketing is a smart investment for companies across the United States and abroad.  Professional web developers are reaping the benefits as well.  Cross-platform marketing is significantly less labor intensive due to reduced development needs.  Without having to build ads for each platform, marketing and development firms are able to spend more time on, specific calls to action, graphics and functionality.  The payoff for all parties is substantial and is the main reason cross-platform marketing is the best online ad delivery platform.

Google recently introduced Cross-Device Measurement in Google Analytics which is sure to turn mobile marketing on its head.  With Cross-Device Measurement internet traffic can be more easily and effectively tracked.  Over the long term, companies will be able to gain a more accurate picture of its customers and their online habits.  Now companies will be able to develop more informed marketing campaigns and pair them with geo-location software to improve brand recognition and ad stickiness.

As sales of mobile devices create an increased need for stunning and cost-effective mobile and web ads, new marketing tools are in high demand.  With cross-platform marketing, developers have the perfect tool to make online advertising truly pay off.  Don’t waste money on in-effective advertising campaigns.  It is important not to focus solely on one advertising medium. By using cross-platform advertising, your company will have a better chance of maximizing every dollar spent on its advertising campaign.