Understanding App Security – An App Developer’s Perspective

In today’s ever changing world, security is to be measured one day at a time.  New threats are introduced every day, internally and externally, impacting app security.  The best practices for iPhone app developers are periodic security checks of all the critical levels within the code.  However, other steps need to be in place in order to protect a mobile application for the long-term. The first step professional developers take to increase security is having a mindset focused on security throughout the design, development and deployment phases of an app.  This helps mobile development companies minimize security risks throughout the life of an app.

To further mitigate risk iPhone developers suggest the following steps before design work begins:

  1. Initial review: Assessment of the purpose of the app within the context of its users and its market as well as the development and deployment within in the app’s technical environment.
  2. Threat Modeling: Initially identifying areas of the app that handle sensitive data.

As stated above, the next steps are to design, develop and deploy the app with security at the forefront of the process.  Once those steps are put in place, the best app development companies increase the level of security an app possesses by utilizing the following methods:

  1. Risk Mitigation: Prioritize, evaluate and implement the necessary controls identified prior to app deployment.
  2. Benchmark: Measure the security of the app against others in the market and overall industry standards.
  3. Maintenance: Performance of periodic security checks.

By managing app security as outlined above, mobile development companies are guaranteed to:

  1. Protect their client’s brand identity.
  2. Help owners better understand their business through their security needs and solutions.
  3. Protect their client’s vital & sensitive information.

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