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Remedy Delivery Services is the largest medical cannabis delivery service in the state of California. They provide high-quality medical cannabis to their patients in a safe, discreet and timely manner. Unfortunately, many of Remedy’s patients are homebound and live in outlying communities. Traveling to fill their prescriptions can be cumbersome and painful.

We were brought onboard as a strategic partner with the goal of streamlining the ordering process by designing a responsive website & app for iOS and Android. Since the user experience was our top concern, we instituted an Uber-style interface to allow patients to easily order and track the progress of their delivery.

Additionally, our partnership included strategic consulting, assistance with the creation of the ecommerce strategy, and ongoing hosting & cloud backup services.

In collaboration with our client, we effectively created a platform for patients to order their medication in a simple, transparent and efficient manner via Remedy’s mobile app and website.

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