Our Process

Based upon our experience building hundreds of mobile apps, websites and software applications we have honed the Mystic Process, our operational methodology which consistently delivers exceptional work and client success. 


From the outset, we work to understand and analyze the ideas of potential clients, achieving a thorough understanding of the overall objectives of the project on both a technical and business level. The goal of this step is to learn both about the project and where our client sees their software in six months to a year. When we know the road ahead, we can build scalable solutions and recommend technologies that will last for the entire life cycle of the application.

We supply Software Development Planning Worksheets designed to extract pertinent information about the project. When appropriate, we are happy to sign an NDA to protect our potential client’s Intellectual Property and allow them to speak freely about their project. Upon reviewing the Planning Worksheet, one of our seasoned project managers sits down with the client to further discuss their specific needs. We offer our insights as software developers and try to iron out both technical and business details our clients may not have considered.


Based on the Planning Worksheet, the discussions, and any additional documentation provided by the client, we provide a free written estimate with a general outline of the project scope along with the time and cost. The main objective of the estimate is to provide clients: a general but detailed understanding of cost, timeframe, and the anticipated scope of work.


Once the client confirms the estimate, we put together a detailed SOW and associated contract for client approval. We leverage our technical knowledge to propose solutions for how to execute the project and consult as necessary on functionality. We compose a detailed set of project specifications, providing a project schedule and pricing. Upon approval of the SOW, we proceed with the design and development phases.


Upon signing of the SOW, we add our client to our proprietary project management system to centralize all communications and project flow. Working with Mystic Media is a strategic partnership which starts with constant communication between our team members and the client. Projects are split into individual tickets and each ticket is designated for a specific topic of discussion. 

Some common tickets include:
  • Master Development
  • Billing & General Discussion
  • Hosting, Monitoring, and Backups
  • Front End Website Development
  • Creative & Design
  • Marketing (if applicable)
  • Social Media (if applicable)

Our project management system handles everything, from invoicing and core development, to server access and delivery. Clients communicate with one major point of contact for efficiency while our project management system ensures all pertinent information posted will reach the appropriate team members.


After undertaking a thorough research process to verse ourselves in our client’s competitive space, we submit multiple design concepts for review with multiple rounds of client revisions to ensure the client gets exactly what they are looking for. For mobile applications, we create a working wireframe which allows the client to see how every page of their app will look and address any concerns before programming begins. We are receptive to feedback throughout the process of revisions and adapt to our clients evolving needs while honoring the terms of the contract. Our team collaborates with our clients at every step of the design process to ensure the results satisfy or exceed their expectations.


Upon solidification of the design, we proceed with the core programming. At this stage of the process, we have gathered enough information from the client to take the lead on implementing their ideas via the agreed-upon designs. We continue to communicate any questions that arise during development. Our websites and apps often are built alongside content management systems that equip administrators to modify app and website content without requiring extensive technical knowledge. We deliver several builds, including alpha and beta builds to our clients for testing and continue to be receptive to feedback before the final build.


Upon delivery and client approval of the final build, we make websites live and publish applications to the app stores. We provide our clients with all pertinent logins and the source code.

In order to ensure our clients get the most out of their software, we provide ample instructional videos and training upon delivery. Our online project management system makes it easy to request support and enables our teams to promptly attend to client questions with most of them answered within minutes. Many of our clients host their application/website on our secure servers, taking advantage of our state-of-the-art data center facilities. Our process enables us to form mutually rewarding long-term partnerships with our clients built on trust and consistent results. 

For more information on how our results-driven process can help build a product that will take your business to the next level, contact us today!

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