Customer Testimonials

They were fantastic to work with right from the start. They truly are a partner and have our success as a top priority.

- Monarch Education 05/27/2024 View More

The most impressive thing about Mystic Media and Christopher was that they truly acted as a partner with a long-term mindset. They were not in it for a quick win; they wanted to do the right thing that would allow us to be successful in the long run.

- Quickshot Supply 03/01/2024 View More

Hands down that they treated the project as if it were there own project/company, not just a job that they were paid to do. Their willingness to go the extra mile to make things work really impressed me.

- Gospel Activities 02/01/2024 View More

Highly adaptable. They helped us figure out creative needs, did great work researching new app functionality & integration with other elements of our tech stack - very flexible & adaptable.

- KT Tape 08/15/2023 View More

We could tell that their products were developed with the end user's needs in mind!

- TATA Chemicals 06/06/2023 View More

We vetted and interviewed multiple agencies. Mystic Media had great reviews and we were happy to find a local dev agency based in Salt Lake City! We could tell Chris had a lifetime of experience and was a great fit for our company.

- Bean Trailer 07/27/2022 View More

​Mystic Media has been amazing to work with. Their team has incredible attention to detail and they always complete tasks in a timely manner.

- Apt CoWork 07/20/2022 View More

We commended Mystic Media for their superb communication skills and for delivering top-notch work in a timely manner.

- Car Concepts 03/03/2022 View More

The project manager has been easy to communicate with.

- Won-Door 07/21/2021 View More

Mystic Media has been a very easy company to work with.

- Drag Links Racing 07/09/2021 View More

They took on a very large undertaking and were able to exceed our expectations in several areas.

- Pony Express 06/18/2021 View More

Working with them has been both exciting and fantastic.

- Bingoat 11/01/2020 View More

The knowledge and skill are there but the best part has been their innovative collaboration with us and our partners.

- Beehive Buds 10/22/2020 View More

They took my input and morphed it into what we needed. They were open-minded and cooperative.

- Peak Photo 08/10/2020 View More

Mystic has been prompt to respond to requests and worked with us to refine and improve the software package to meet our requirements.

- G3 Acoustics 08/07/2020 View More

Team did a great job on the UX and backend development. Fast, thorough and reasonably priced.

- Luxul 08/05/2020 View More

Mystic has an intelligent team. The partnership was amazing.

- Burn Right Products 08/04/2020 View More

Mystic Media is an innovative company producing beautiful technology... We will use Mystic again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Listen Technologies 07/29/2020 View More

Mystic Media was extremely professional and were able to manage to keep numerous concurrent projects on schedule because of the size of their team.

- MAd Reach 02/13/2020 View More

Hands down, they're the most organized, intelligent, dedicated, and motivated group I've worked with.

- Remedy Delivery 12/04/2019 View More

I’m not tech-savvy, but they made the engagement easy by building a personal relationship with us.

- Characterized 11/08/2019 View More

I would use Mystic Media again for future app development.

- Biowave Corporation 11/01/2019 View More

Mystic’s hard work has really helped me be taken seriously..

- Letts Play 10/30/2019 View More

I find that they offer a personal touch to their services. They were keen on resolving any issues that came up.

- Low Cost Interlock 10/19/2019 View More

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