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The database was intuitive and easy to use, and it helped with efficiency and performance. Mystic Media was responsive to the client's needs throughout the process. The team was upfront and easy to work with; they explained issues, stayed on schedule, and communicated via emails and messaging apps.

When I had questions, I would receive a response within one business day or less in time. Mystic Media provided YouTube training videos which I foresee us using in the rollout of this database.

We have several different users of this database, some with limited computer skills, and this will allow frequent refreshers on demand. Mystic Media has always been upfront and responsive on delivery. Even when the project was delayed on our side, they quickly worked us back into their schedule when we were ready to resume.

When they propose a schedule, they kept to that schedule. It has been easy to work with Mystic Media and they always explained issues at a level I was able to understand (I have limited programming experience).
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