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25% of apps available on the App Store are classified as mobile games, making it the most popular category on iOS. Mystic Media is one of the most experienced gaming companies specializing in the development of both mobile games and social games. From designing the monetization and retention strategies to creating the game mechanics, a game developed by Mystic Media is destined for success. 

Our digital marketing team also specializes in the development of launch campaigns for mobile games, including implementation of the latest app store optimization (ASO) strategies to secure downloads and ensure your game rises to the top of app stores.

Our strategists and developers are on top of the latest game development trends for both mobile and social games. Our teams are headed by at least one senor-level game developer and are well-equipped to create 2D and 3D mobile games with advanced features including networked multiplayer, extensive social media-integration, and leaderboards.
Our clients identify us as one of the only gaming companies that can hone in a game's core loop to increase retention and reward daily play to incentivize habitual use. 

We are experts in the Freemium model and use proven tactics to craft a gameplay experience which will generate revenue with non-intrusive advertisements and in-app purchases. 
Each development team for both iOS and Android contains at least one seasoned mobile game developer and works in conjunction with our graphic designers, animators and strategists. Together, your Mystic Media custom-built game developer team will handle the complete creation process of your game and make sure it looks, sounds, and plays impeccably. Whether you’re looking for mobile games or social games to boost user engagement, we use proven tools and a progressive mindset to bring your vision to life.

Mobile Games 


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