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Speech Racer is a speech therapy application designed as a reinforcement tool for children and youth who struggle to pronounce the /r/ sound. Specifically, the app breaks down and analyzes the quality of the spoken /r/ to help users improve their pronunciation skills over time.

The Speech Racer therapy app features over 300 flash cards and 4 unique game modes that help users efficiently and accurately improve their speaking. Users receive immediate feedback for the progression of their language skills with color-coded encouragement prompts indicated by: Red (needs improvement), Yellow (almost there) and Green (proficient) score.

Our partnership with Speech Racer included the development of two custom iOS apps, a paid and a lite version, with unique functionality requirements.

We also modified and improved upon their pre-existing /r/ sound algorithms, written in the C programming language, ultimately improving the apps’ usability. In collaboration with Speech Racer, our team consulted on the launch marketing plan strategy, the PC and desktop versions of the app, and provided insights on current market trends.

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