Wishing Pixies

Wishing Pixies is an educational mobile game for iOS and Android designed to help parents reinforce positive, healthy behaviors in their child. Children play the game using a mobile app, while parents use a companion website to interact with their child as the Pixie.

Letts Play, Inc. sought out an entrepreneurial technology agency to fulfill their goal of bringing a product from conception to release--including marketing and product design services. We worked side-by-side with our client through every step of the process. We developed the mobile apps and a gamification strategy to keep children engaged in the virtual world while motivating positive behavior. We created branding materials and a marketing plan to determine the brand position, tone, and target consumers. We designed the doll and the packaging materials, and created a responsive website for parents to manage the app, as well as an e-commerce website to sell the Wishing Pixies product line.

The WISHING PIXIES app is currently in app stores for iOS and Android. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist Letts Play in creating a product that helps parents nurture their children and promotes positive behavior.

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