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Bean Trailer is a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of off-road trailers that marries modern amenities with the classic teardrop trailer design. Since 2017, Bean Trailer has built a community of outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing their off-road traveling experiences.
Bean Trailer approached Mystic Media to become a part of their internal tech team to develop the Bean There Camping Android and iOS application. The task was to create a proprietary app that would be a campsite destination resource. Ultimately, we wanted to leverage the feeling of pride and adventure a Bean Trailer owner feels when they hit the road to create Bean Trailer fans.

We created a comprehensive campsite database and social network exclusively available to Bean Trailer customers. The application includes interactive social features, allowing users to search for their next big adventure as well as share their past travels.

While the Bean Trailer branding team can populate campsite data, the majority of the tips, tricks, and recommendations are added by Bean Trailer owners. Each campsite listing brings to life the campsite experience from visitors, including amenities and reviews. Seamless map navigation inspires the user to hit the road with confidence.

Our designers worked with the brand’s internal creative team to make sure that the visual expression of the app was consistent with current Bean Trailer marketing communications. Also, knowing that there can be spotty WiFi service at campgrounds, we developed a creative solution to use the app both on and offline. 
Click the links below to view the Bean There Camping application in the app stores.

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