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Monarch is a unique K-12 content discovery search engine that creates secure, personalized digital search environments for students and teachers, igniting a passion for lifelong learning in future generations. More than just a search engine, Monarch is a cutting-edge AI powered platform dedicated to fostering secure and tailored digital experiences for educational communities.

Monarch chose Mystic Media as their preferred agency to bring their vision to life. We guided Monarch through the scoping process to define their minimum viable product (MVP) for launch. By outlining key milestones and adhering to a strict timeline, we aimed to develop an enterprise software solution poised to revolutionize education. Throughout the journey, we maintained transparency, offered enhancement suggestions, and ensured Monarch maximized their investment.

We are excited about the transformative impact Monarch's platform will have on students and teachers worldwide. We look forward to continuing our partnership to make a positive difference in the field of education.

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