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Low Cost Interlock® offers the most reliable interlock ignition system for vehicles across the country.

As one of the largest interlock companies in America, our client required a strategic partner to solve the continuous tech-related obstacles their business faces as they expand into new markets. Low Cost Interlock has strict protocols for sharing pertinent information with courts & monitoring authorities. Their business demands a high-availability system compliant with the latest security measures and protocols.

We were initially approached to enhance and recreate their employee dashboard that is used to facilitate their day-to-day operations. As our partnership evolved, we’ve become their central IT team, as well as an integral part of their software engineering teams. We leverage our experience and knowledge collaboratively with their engineering teams to ensure transitions and developmental roll-outs happen smoothly across all devices, websites, and software. We manage all new development projects, including multiple Android and iOS apps. We also manage all of their web hosting and created a high-availability cloud infrastructure designed for their specific needs.

We enjoy growing collaboratively with Low Cost Interlock®, a business that helps keep our roads safe and secure.

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