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Our client came to us with two German Shepherds bred from prestigious bloodlines and had the aspiration to become an influencer within the pet social media community. In addition, they needed a partner who could execute the day-to-day operations of the campaign.

Family is a universal theme that resonates on social media. Our client’s German Shepherds are gorgeous brothers bred from elite bloodlines, giving our client the angle necessary to develop two of the most well-known German Shepherds on social media. 

The challenge laid in creating a social media strategy that would connect with and build a core audience while conveying the personality of the dogs, facilitating growth, and standing out among the crowd of other dog-themed social media accounts.

We came up with the @germanshepherdlifestyle brand along with a multi-faceted social media strategy to grow their following. We put together an interdisciplinary team and determined that Instagram would be the primary network to build a following and leverage the exposure to gradually expand into other networks.

We enacted market research to analyze the effectiveness of posts and hone in on the best visual images, posting times, sentiments, hashtags, and influencers to interact with. Using this data, we created unique strategies for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Upon growing the account into an influencer within the pet Instagram space, we established partnerships with other influencers and brands. 

German Shepherd Lifestyle and Training is now a premiere influencer within the pet social media sector and generating revenue through sponsorships and product placement. It is a joy to work with these two great dogs and to share their growth with social media users across the world.

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