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BioWaveGO is an ultra-effective, non-opioid, wearable, FDA-cleared device created to block pain at the source — without a prescription. BioWaveGO’s patented pain-blocking technology delivers therapeutic electrical impulses through the skin to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.
We partnered with the BioWave engineering team to create BioWaveGO, an iOS- and Android-compatible mobile app. The BioWaveGO app allows patients to control their BioWaveGO device and track key session data such as the level of intensity, the date/time/duration of their session, and pre- and post-treatment pain levels.
In addition to the development of the BioWaveGO app, we created a streamlined content management system that allows BioWave system administrators to customize and edit content on the app, without requiring any coding knowledge. We also created a secure, HIPAA-compliant hosting environment in our Cloud to safely store all of our client’s sensitive data.
We are proud to collaborate with a company that is leading the way to the future of pain management solutions with a safe, non-opioid alternative.

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