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First Class Seating wanted to create a native iOS and Android application which would revolutionize the theatrical viewing experience. The Select-A-Language application provides a cutting-edge, secure way for movie studios and theaters to provide movies to audience members in multiple languages via dubbed audio tracks.

As experienced Android and Apple developers, we know security is a vital aspect of the mobile app development process. Since the application deals with copyrighted audio, it was particularly important for Select-A-Language to protect the audio tracks from piracy. The Select-A-Language application only allows audience members to stream the movie on their ticket for the duration of its showtime. Users scan a QR Code provided on every purchased ticket, enabling the application with the movie, showtime, auditorium, and date. The application processes this information, and gives authenticated users access to stream the specific audio tracks associated with their movie in sync with the picture in the auditorium. When the showtime ends, their access to the dubbed audio tracks ends with it. We created custom cloud services in .Net framework to ensure that all necessary data for running the application is stored in one secure place.

In addition to the front-facing application, we built an administrative site and Content Management System which allows the Select A-Language team to control content on the application. Through the administrative site, the main system administrator can manage theaters, venues, ads, and more. We built a custom advertising system which allows the system administrator to target ads both on a per-language and a per-venue basis. The custom advertising system allows theaters to manage custom banners, and integrate Google AdMob ads within the application.

The system administrator can set-up multiple locations under their theater brand, and assign administrators for managing each location’s presence on the application. The system administrator can also view and generate detailed graphical reports of various sets of data collected from users. We integrated the Select-A-Language application with their ticketing system to simplify the process of retrieving the latest showtime data for theater owners.

The Select-A-Language application has been successfully released in both iOS and Android app stores, and is most likely available in a theater near you.

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