Pony Express

PonyEx is on a mission to provide the right size vehicle for any local delivery–the same day, cost-effectively with record speeds. Their drivers are available day or night to move items ranging from autoparts and building materials for small businesses to e-commerce goods and groceries.

PonyEx hired us to design a backend and consumer-facing app and website for their rollout in the Utah market with the goal of delivering on demand deliveries with unprecedented ease and speed. As we worked through the discovery phase, we identified ways to improve the platform, including adding functionality to process orders with multiple stops and future developmental iterations that will provide cost efficiencies when implemented.

We built native mobile applications for iOS and Android that manage the shipping journey, from scheduling a delivery to order tracking. Customers can connect with drivers within their proximity as well as request favorite drivers based on previous orders. A variety of secure payment options make the payment experience user-friendly and quick. 

The mobile-friendly web app uses the most advanced responsive code and database technologies to enable drivers and customers to easily create accounts in a secure environment and access core functions via their web browser, such as placing orders and editing their account information.

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