Pony Express

PonyEx hired Mystic Media to create a multifaceted system that could facilitate local deliveries by connecting individuals and businesses with a fleet of drivers to service their time-sensitive shipping needs. 

Our Client required a strategic partner that obtained the requisite expertise to develop a complex solution across multiple platforms. The applications needed to facilitate functions for both customers and drivers with a methodical and intuitive design. 

Our goal was to leverage our agency’s strong technical skills and experience working with hundreds of start-ups to create a strategy that allowed PonyEx to execute their ideas in a cost-effective and technologically sustainable way.

We developed native mobile applications for both iOS and Android that manage all aspects of the shipping process for the customer, from scheduling a delivery to tracking their orders. Customers can connect with drivers within their proximity as well as specific drivers based on their previous orders. The applications also securely facilitate all commerce between the customer and delivery drivers by conveniently offering multiple payment options.

In addition to the applications, we created a cutting-edge mobile-friendly web app constructed with the latest responsive code and database technologies. The website enables Drivers and Customers to easily create accounts in a secure environment, as well as access a variety of features. As we progressed through the discovery phase of the development process, we worked with PonyEx to enhance their platform. We delivered beyond what our Client needed for their initial roll-out while consulting on potential features which will be implemented in future iterations.

Content on the PonyEx platform is dynamically-driven through a robust Content Management System (CMS) and secure administration panel. The CMS enables PonyEx to manage content on the site and all day-to-day operations. The administration panel seamlessly synchronizes with our Client’s accounting software. It also features CRM functionality and newsletter functionality.

We continue to work with our Client to innovate and enhance the PonyEx platform as they launch in the SLC area and begin building their userbase. We take special pride in helping entrepreneurs achieve their ideas and deliver them into the marketplace.

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