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Our Client IRL Games wanted to create Drag Links Racing, a mobile game and social media platform that runs on iOS, Android, and the web. Drag Links Racing is designed to connect vehicle and racing enthusiasts around the globe and facilitate both real-time and asynchronous races.

IRL Games needed a multi-faceted software development company to tackle both strategic and technical development for a project that combined mobile games, social media, and real-world racing.

On a technical level, in order to enable users to race their cars in real-time, the Drag Links application needed to harness the full capabilities of the user’s device to seamlessly measure key racing metrics including speed, elevation, and distance. Our programming enables the Drag Links app to employ the device’s GPS, gyroscope, and more intrinsic functions to seamlessly collect accurate data.

In order to manage the vast amount of user-generated data, the Drag Links social media platform required a robust hosting infrastructure. We host all data on the application on our state-of-the-art, off-site data centers.

Our experience as a gaming company enabled us to take a hands-on approach to the development of a gamification strategy. When it comes to game development, one of the biggest challenges is retention: ensuring users return to the app frequently and engrain opening the app into their daily routine. This posed a problem for Drag Links as even the most avid racing fans do not race their cars everyday. 

We created a detailed currency system featuring frequent rewards which encourage daily use and engage users within the app on days where they are not racing. We married our clients social network with our gamification techniques to incentivize users to post frequently to the platform and organically grow the Drag Links network.

Our retention and gamification strategies are optimized to enhance the Drag Links experience while generating maximum revenue. We crafted a monetization strategy that incorporates state-of-the-art techniques to maximize profits through in-app purchases, ads, and more. 

Our knowledge of both the software and game development process enabled us to develop a holistic approach to development which encompassed complimentary gamification, retention, and monetization strategies. Our work helped ensure Drag Links sustained success in the app stores.

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