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Our Client IRL Games wanted to create Drag Links Racing, a mobile game and social media platform that runs on iOS, Android, and the web. Drag Links Racing connects vehicle and racing enthusiasts around the globe to facilitate both real-time and asynchronous races.

We developed a holistic strategy for the launch of a complex mobile game, including creating the gamification and monetization strategy, and technical development. Our scope of work  required integrating social media, mobile gaming, and real life racing.

In order to enable users to race their cars in real-time, the application needed to seamlessly pull key data points from the user’s device including speed, elevation, and distance. We programmed the Drag Links app to employ every facet of the device to accurately collect key data, including the GPS and gyroscope.

Even for the most avid racing fans, one of the biggest challenges with gaming is retention. We gave users an incentive to return to the app daily by creating a detailed currency system featuring rewards for completing actions in the app, including a comprehensive ranking system driven by race results and expendable rewards. We unified our Client’s social network with our gamification strategy to incentivize users to post frequently to the platform and organically grow the Drag Links network. Now racing enthusiasts across the world can easily connect with fellow racers, find challengers at any time of the day and share their results with their friends and community.

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