Bingo is a billion dollar business and one of the most popular games both in the US and overseas. Our client came to us with a mission to capitalize on the lack of great bingo assistant tools and mobile games on the market. We helped them design Bingoat--the G.O.A.T of bingo mobile applications. Bingoat utilizes the device’s camera as a bingo card scanner, transposing their physical cards into the application allowing users to scan and play up to 50 cards simultaneously.

Bingoat is both a mobile game and a tool that enables peak performance for bingo players. After scanning their cards, the user can enter called numbers into the application and it becomes their bingo game assistant: scanning and daubing each card automatically. When bingo is achieved, it notifies the user of their victory.

Designing a revolutionary bingo application which helps players maximize their effectiveness required extensive technical expertise. 

Our strategy encompassed various processes including game development, creative UI/UX development, Android & iOS mobile application programming, web design and ASO services.

On a technical level, our goal was to harness a device’s camera to scan up to 50 bingo cards, process and transpose them into digital format using optical recognition technology. The Bingoat application then had to scan all cards, identify matches with called numbers, and daub them automatically. The scanning technology needed to be as accurate as possible as one mistake can ruin a bingo game for the user. After extensive research, programming, and testing, we were able to create the most effective bingo card scanner on the market.

The Bingoat application harnesses the user’s device to automatically detect the layout and content of bingo cards and digitally transfer them into the application. Our technical research led us into uncharted waters and resulted in patent-pending innovation. 

As a premier gaming company, we put gamification mechanics at the forefront of our development. The Bingoat application serves a valuable purpose in a user’s bingo gameplay, but we had to answer the question of how to make a game that would enhance and maintain user engagement. 

We needed retention tactics to maintain user engagement, currencies to instill the user with a constant sense of progress, unlockables, in-app purchases, strategically placed ads, art assets, and more. 

We designed multiple intertwining core loops and side games to encourage users to open and use the app multiple times per day. We also created a monetization and non-intrusive advertising strategy designed to maximize revenue for our client. 

Most successful mobile games pass the “Starbucks Test”--users are able to enter the game, play a round, make some progress, and exit all within the time it takes them to order a cup of coffee – around two minutes. Since Bingo requires more than 2 minutes to play, we strategically created several elements of the game that are designed to be completed within the Starbucks Test. 

In addition to functioning as a game assistant, Bingoat is also a social game that enables users to play with their friends by generating their own cards and using an auto-caller to generate calls. 

We enabled our client to maintain nearly full command over the content within the application by building a user-friendly Administrative panel. Without technical knowledge, our clients can control winning patterns, user management, terms & conditions, level management, rewards and more.

In addition to creative, technical, and game development, we also helped our client navigate the patent landscape to secure their intellectual property.

After two years of development, we are excited to see the Bingoat application officially released in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store - download it today!

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