Bingoat is a mobile game that helps bingo players enhance the in-person experience of playing bingo. Bingo players can use their mobile device to scan up to 50 physical cards and generate digital cards into the Bingoat application. 

Users can enter the numbers as they are called out by the host and the app becomes their personal bingo assistant, inputting each number automatically into the cards simultaneously. When bingo is achieved, the app notifies the player that they have won. To maintain user engagement and encourage daily game play, we designed multiple core loops, unlockables, and side games to increase user retention. 

Our services included game development, UI/UX, Android & iOS mobile app development, web design, and ASO. We built patented functionality to scan up to 50 bingo cards using the player’s device to process and transpose the numbers into a digital format using optical recognition technology. 

The scanning technology needed to be precise because one mistaken number could ruin the bingo game. Since our client was new to mobile gaming, we also guided them through the patent process and created a monetization and advertising plan.

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