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Western Line Constructors Inc. serves as an effective agency through which qualified, reliable, experienced outside contractors in the construction industry from California, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Montana can express their collective voice on issues affecting their industry.

Our client needed a web development company to deliver a state-of-the-art, dynamically-driven website to enable their organization to manage their day-to-day online needs.

We built a custom, scalable solution for Western Line Constructors Inc. featuring a cutting-edge, responsive web design layout optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablets. Our web development team optimized the website’s UX for intuitive, user-friendly navigation. The website is coded with the latest HTML & CSS technologies, backed by a robust database, and optimized with the latest SEO techniques.

The Western Line Constructors Inc. website is used in the field by its members and as the main portal for content and member management. Western Line’s members can login through the member portal, and complete a variety of functions. The website has seven different user types, each offering the user access to content specific to their login. Members can view/download safety and training materials, view safety & training seminars, register for forthcoming events, purchase tickets to events, and more. The website facilitates safe, secure online payments and integrates with Google Calendar, making event planning and ticket-purchasing easy for members. By streamlining the communication of crucial information and functions, the Western Line Constructors website enables members to get the most out of their memberships.

The system administrator has full control over the content of the website through a double password-protected admin panel. They can create new pages, control and add new events, set a pricing structure, create automated emails, and more. The Western Line Constructors website is also hosted on our secure cloud.

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