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Won-Door Corporation is an elite seller of technologically-advanced fire-proof doors based in Salt Lake City, UT. They produce the top-selling horizontal sliding fire door on the market: The Won-Door Fireguard. Won-Door products are installed in a multitude of building types in North and South America, as well as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. They provide high-end fire doors to a diverse assortment of clients, including Facebook, the University of Utah, AMC, the JFK airport, Goldman Sachs and Nordstrom.

Won-Door installers use a proprietary hardware device to configure and install their advanced line of fire doors. Won-Door was looking for a top-tier software development agency to build an iOS-based application optimized for both the iPhone and iPad. The application would be tasked with replacing the current hardware device, which completes all core functions, while transporting operations onto a modern, familiar iOS interface. 

The project required us create an additional tool which would make installation of doors easier for Won-Door installers, posing an opportunity to improve overall security in the process. We strove in our development process to capitalize on that opportunity, conducting an assiduous research phase in which our software developers studied the existing hardware to understand all core functions, obstacles, and opportunities for improvement. We reviewed and deciphered the codebase of their hardware device and recreated it for iOS while increasing security.

We built an application that smoothly completes all core functions through an easy-to-use interface. The application equips installers with the ability to complete all commands from their previous hardware and configure the settings of the door, all on a slick, easy-to-use interface.

We built a double-password protected back-end administrative website which enables our client to complete a host of administrative functions. Won-Door assigns installers to different access levels with different permissions. In order to facilitate this, the back-end administrative site allows Won-Door to assign installers to tiers based on their access level. Each tier comes with differing permissions for configuring items within the application. Our client can also use the back-end site to rescind permissions and manually clear user data when devices are broken.

The Won-Door application streamlines the installation process while offering increased security, helping our client enhance safety in buildings around the world.

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