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Characterized is a mobile application that bolsters communication between counselors, parents and students about important issues in the lives of students.

The app was designed to help counselors better identify the resources students need to create an action plan. With Characterized, counselors can nurture students’ learning, encourage growth and find solutions for students’ challenges.

From the Characterized app on their smartphone, tablet or desktop, a counselor can launch a student personality survey, learn more about a student, and monitor homework progress. The versatile platform helps students feel connected and supported, and it allows parents to monitor their children’s progress.

Our work with Characterized included the development of two native mobile applications: one for Android and one for iOS. For this project, we developed and integrated all creative materials, databases, and scripts (excluding the Characterized LLC logo). In addition, we built a responsive website for the app in HTML-5, AngularJS and CSS3. The front-end content for the website and app is managed through a double-password-protected administrative panel, which the system administrator uses to manage all users and content running on the app. The application operates under the legal guidelines of the FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), and we continue to securely host all data for the app in the Mystic Cloud.

We are proud of our partnership with Characterized to develop an application that supports counselors and helps youth fulfill their potential.


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