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RackSite is the only global online network dedicated to connecting hunters worldwide and fostering an active online hunting community. Hunting is a hobby which generates polarizing responses, especially on social media. The goal of RackSite was to create a safe social network environment for hunters to share their passion by exchanging photos, advice and information, free from the worry of being targeted by activists and internet “trolls”.

Our team helped RackSite develop iOS & Android applications with a UI optimized for constant interaction. The app’s functionality includes an elaborate chat mechanism designed to drive user engagement. We also built a custom website and assisted with the creation of RackSite’s ecommerce strategy.

The biggest challenge of the project was creating a hosting infrastructure for the massive amount of data compiled by the platform’s vast user base. Additionally, the speed and reliability of the RackSite app needed to be lightning fast to match the expectations of social media users accustomed to the high-quality user experience provided by the big guys (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.) We were able to provide a sophisticated cost-effective hosting infrastructure, allowing our client to play in the same league as the top social media applications, due to our state-of-the-art hosting environments.

In collaboration with our client, we have helped RackSite become one of the largest and most publicly visible communities of active and engaged hunters across the globe.

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