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Founded in 1989, Peak Photo is the premier action and portrait photography company of the historic Alta Ski resort in Utah. Peak Photo sells compelling visual photographs to their clients and needed a web development company to deliver a modern web design layout which would do justice to the quality of their photography.

We built Peak Photo a custom eCommerce website featuring a state-of-the-art, visually captivating, parallax scrolling design. The website safely stores their copyrighted content, displaying watermarked, low-resolution photos to the public while effectively marketing to their customer-base, and facilitating sales. Peak Photo runs their entire business through the website, including image processing, payroll, online and in-house sales. In addition to photography sales, the website includes additional products like frames, mugs, and other resort-themed paraphernalia.

During the busy ski season, Peak Photo processes thousands of images per day. In order to keep up with the pace of their business, they needed a custom system with significant image processing power. A stand-alone template photo website would not suffice. We built a powerful system that enables Peak Photo to process, display, and sell over 10,000 images per day. In addition, the system archives and stores images with a redundant back-up system.

Beyond the main website, we also built an intranet website which allows Peak Photo to display hi-resolution images within their physical location. The intranet site enables Peak Photo to advertise their high-end images within their physical location while keeping them in a secure environment.

 The Peak Photo system is a major component of their business, facilitating sales both online and in-house. We are delighted to have contributed to their sustained success as an elite on-mountain photography company.

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